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Almost every home or office has some type of rug, whether it’s a runner in your entry way or if it’s an area rug in your living room. With constant foot traffic, children, pets, or even wearing shoes in the house, your rugs are inevitably going to get dirty. Even a vacuum with the best suction in the world wouldn’t be able to get all of the dirt out of your rugs. You also won’t want to have to go through the process of beating the rug outside of your house and blowing dust everywhere. Getting a professional rug cleaning will restore the beauty to all of the rugs that you have in your personal and/or commercial property.

Organic Rug Cleaning

Our cleaning materials are entirely organic which makes us comfortable to say that we can work with any type of rug material that you may have, even for more exotic materials such as Persian.

The organic rug cleaning products are essential for preserving the integrity of your favorite décor item and to prevent it from fading from consistent cleaning. Unlike other companies that would focus more on the cleaning aspect.

we focus on both making sure that your property looks its best and is also as clean as possible.

When we use our organic cleaners we will also be avoiding the need for chemical ingredients that could pose a hazard to your home and your family members.

The regular carpet cleaning companies usually use toxic components to try to give your rugs a deep clean, when in reality our organic cleaners get the job done just as well but with more benefits.

If you have anyone living with allergies or a respiratory illness, our cleaners will be substantially better for their body.

Convenient Cleaning Services

We understand that time is of the essence and there may even be times when you need your rugs cleaned quickly before an event. This is why we not only offer to come to your house or place of business to clean the rugs but we offer a pick up/drop off service.

You can easily stop by one of our retail locations and give us your rugs so we can clean them. You can then either decide if you want to pick them up on your way back from running errands or we can drop them off at your home. We offer these convenient services so that we can work with your schedule.

Professional Cleaning Experience

With many years of professional cleaning experience under our belts, we can proudly say that we offer the best team with the best customer service available in the Woodland Hills, CA area.

The years that we have spent working with customers has given us the opportunity to refine all of our cleaning skills and work with a variety of materials ranging from synthetic material to animal fur.

You will want to make sure that you are hiring the best of the best when looking at rug cleaning companies.

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