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Water damage is one of the most unexpected issues that you might have to deal with as a home owner. Even if you think that you’ve taken the proper steps to protect your property against flooding, the damage could be as a result of issues from the inside of your home such as a leaking appliance or pipe. You may be able to assess the damage, but it is important to note that water can travel to areas that you didn’t even know existed. This is why it is imperative that you call our carpet cleaning company as soon as you suspect that your home has been affected by water damage.

Assessing the Issue

The first thing that we will do is take a look at where your problem is and work from there. It is our duty to look in the ceilings, walls, and floors for any signs of water to make sure that it is all removed before we can even start cleaning. Finding the water is the most important part of the whole job as it helps to make sure that there won’t be any unseen structural damage to your home over a long period of time. Standing water can be a huge hazard for the wood used to build your home, so finding it with the help of industry leading technology is essential.

Re-evaluating the Cleaning

Once we have dried the whole house and cleaned it, together we will go through the entire house and our team will point out all of the things that we have taken care of. We will also provide you with tips on how to prevent water damage from occurring in the future so that you are sufficiently prepared before our team leaves your home.

Cleaning the Property

Once we have removed all of the water and dehumidified the house so it’s dry as a bone, we will begin the cleaning process. This will include cleaning your floors, walls, and ceiling. We will also make sure that any furniture is cleaned and removed from harm’s way in terms of water that may have traveled into the home.

The cleaning process generally takes the longest as we want to make sure that we get rid of all traces of mold and fungus build up that could have already started. Plus, you will want to make sure that your house is cleaned after water damage to protect the health of your family members.

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